Project Description



Jersey City, NJ




Liberty National Development Co., LLC
23 Chapel Avenue
Jersey City, NJ

Josh Wuestneck
(201) 963-3194

PHE conducted many aspects of the remediation of a 78-acre Brownfields site in Jersey City during the site’s redevelopment into a championship golf course.  The site contaminants include historic fill, Chromite Ore Processing Residue (COPR), and free and residual petroleum product from the site’s historic use as a refinery and bulk petroleum storage facility.

PHE’s efforts included monitoring and oversight of the following remedial components:

  • Construction of a groundwater flow barrier (slurry wall);
  • Construction and prove-out of a 100-gpm groundwater collection and treatment system;
  • Consolidation of over 30,000 cubic yards of COPR-contaminated soil into one area on the site;
  • Importation and placement of approximately 280,000 cubic yards of contaminated dredge fill used for preliminary golf course shaping;
  • Placement of approximately 287,000 square feet of geotextile fabric and HDPE liner over chromium-contaminated soils remaining on site;
  • Importation and placement of over 300,000 cubic yards of clean fill to create a nominal two-foot cap over the entire site; and
  • Construction penetrations of any portion of the clean fill cap and/or liners.

PHE has subsequently been contracted to operate and maintain the treatment system as well as to provide numerous upgrades and redesigns to system components to maximize system performance and efficiency.  These included the redesign of the water collection sumps to maximize groundwater collection while minimizing operation and maintenance costs as well as the installation of four new sumps to maintain hydraulic control over the site.  PHE is also currently in the process of conducting testing and design to modify the treatment system for the full spectrum of contaminants observed at the site.

PHE also designed and provided construction and health and safety monitoring for the installation of the 945-foot extension of the groundwater flow barrier and groundwater collection trench around the northern end of the site.  This object of the barrier wall was to stop groundwater from leaving the site while being able to support construction activities immediately adjacent to the wall on the adjoining site.

PHE has prepared and secured NJDEP approval of permits, Remedial Action Workplan Amendments, and Remedial Action Reports for each aspect of the work performed by PHE.