Project Description



Jersey City, NJ




WA Residential, LLC

Mr. David Barry
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PHEnv conducted a Preliminary Assessment (PA) and Site Investigation (SI) of this 17-acre site former Standard Oil Refinery in accordance with the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (TRSR) to identify the presence of any potentially contaminated AOCs resulting from existing or historic land uses, either on the Site or adjacent properties, and if identified, to determine whether or not any contaminants are present above the applicable unrestricted use standard stipulated by NJDEP.  The site is being evaluated as part of the extensive brownfields redevelopment being conducted in the southeastern portion of Jersey City.

Historical maps and aerial photographs dating back to the early 1900’s indicate that the site was part of the Standard Oil Company Eagle Works.

The soil sampling and analysis program conducted at the Site consisted of the conduct of 51

soil borings.  The soil samples were collected for chemical analysis to: (i) provide an initial characterization with respect to the potential presence of contamination due to historic uses of the site and were also evaluated in the field to determine if fill material exists at the Site, (ii) to investigate the former presence of underground storage tanks at the Site, (iii) to investigate the potential for contamination to exist as a result of the operation of an aboveground storage tank and pump house.

The groundwater SI consisted of the installation of temporary well points at five locations suspected of having potential groundwater contamination based upon historic and current uses.  The results of the PA/SI indicated the presence of petroleum product contamination of both soil and groundwater at the site and metals contamination of soil at the site.

PHEnv prepared and implemented a Remedial Action Workplan.  As part of the overall remediation, PHEnv has designed and is currently operating an interim  groundwater treatment system to remove product as well as a hydraulic well point system to dewater the areas subjected to tidal effects. 

For groundwater, the focus has been to remove overlying oil-bearing source soils and pump-and-treat remaining product.  Because of the proposed high-end residential use of the site, long-term pump-and-treat is not an option.  The site will be fully remediated by September 2006 with submission of Remedial Action Reports to follow shortly thereafter.