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Jersey City, NJ




Liberty National

Russell Bayless
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PHE prepared a Baseline Ecological Evaluation (BEE) as part of a major remedial action for a 78-acre Brownsfield Site in Jersey City covered by the Tankport Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP, 13 February 1998). The site includes coastal riparian, mudflat, stream, and wetland environments. In addition, a portion of the site consists of NJDEP parkland.

The intent of the BEE is to (i) identify known or suspected contaminants and their potential environmental fate, (ii) identify all environmentally sensitive areas within the site boundaries and on properties immediately adjacent to the site, (iii) identify potential contaminant migration pathways and observations

regarding environmental stress, and (iv) determine the need for continued ecological assessment.

As part of the BEE, PHE delineated all freshwater and tidal wetlands, modeled their functional values using WET methodologies, and coordinated mitigation proposals with state and federal agencies.

PHE conducted an extensive sediment coring and analytical program to determine the extent and vertical distribution of contaminants in a seven acre mudflat that was part of Liberty State Park. A total of 13 cores were collected to a depth of eight feet and analyzed for TPH, PAH, and metals.

A benthic sampling program was implemented to identify macro-invertebrate use, trophic levels present, and determine general benthic infauna characteristics.

PHE also conducted an extensive survey of the area, correlated historic soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater data with current NJDEP environmental quality and ecological effects criteria, identified sensitive ecological communities (i.e., sensitive species, critical habitats, water bodies), sampled various media and benthic environments, and described the ecological impacts and recommended remedial needs.

The BEE recommended that the mudflat not be disrupted through remedial excavation but allowed to passively attenuate. This recommendation was accepted by the NJDEP.