Project Description



South Amboy, NJ




Federal Highway
Administration and South Amboy Redevelopment Agency

Mayor John O'Leary
South Amboy Redevelopment Agency
110 North Broadway
South Amboy, NJ
(732) 525-5932

PHE prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA)/4(f) Evaluation, pursuant to NEPA, FHWA and Section 106 guidelines, for the proposed construction of access roadways and regional ferry intermodal transportation center.

The regional transportation center will include a new high level platform at the rail station, a new high speed ferry terminal, and a bus terminal area. Construction of the new ferry terminal requires the provision of new access roads, upgrade to an existing bridge, construction of the landside facility, dredging of approximately 100,000 cy, and construction of waterside elements, including new bulkheads, piers, and a breakwater.

Key components of the EA/4(f) Evaluation included delineation of wetlands, vegetation and wildlife surveys, aquatic fish and benthic surveys, coordination of TES issues with agencies, evaluation of dredging and disposal impacts, water quality, , vehicular air quality and noise , and induced secondary economic growth.

The site is the former terminus of the Camden & Amboy RR and has been designated a Historic District, requiring adherence to Section 106 and extensive coordination between the SHPO, FHWA, NJDOT, and ACHP to achieve a MOA.

The FHWA published the FONSI in January 2005.