Project Description



Jersey City, NJ





US Army, 77th RSC
Fort Totten, NY
Ravi Ajudah
(718) 352-5755

Jersey City Redevelopment Agency
30 Montgomery Street
Jersey City, NJ
Paul Hamilton
(201) 547-5810

PHE prepared an Environmental Assessment pursuant to NEPA and AR-200-2 for the proposed transfer of a 50-acre portion of the US Army Reserve Center at Caven Point, NJ. The EA was prepared for the US Army at Fort Totten and the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency. The proposed transaction includes the transfer of 4.3 acres to NJDOT as right-of-way (ROW) for Route 185 and 44.8 acres to the City for future residential and recreational redevelopment.

As part of the EA, PHE conducted a delineation and permitting of freshwater wetlands, inventoried natural resources, analyzed traffic and vehicular air quality and noise, and evaluated the effects of potential development on existing communities. A major focus of the EA was the presence of soil and ground water contaminants resulting from past Army usage of the site dating back to WW II. The hazardous materials investigation was based on a thorough review of substantial soils and ground water data that has been historically collected, site reconnaissance, review of historic maps, and interviews with individuals at Fort Hamilton to determine the potential for contaminants to be present and, if so, prescribe remedial alternatives.

Based on the review of impacts identified and evaluated in the EA, a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was prepared and submitted.