Project Description


Permitting & compliance monitoring of water quality, sediment, and aquatic resources

Hudson County, NJ




Liberty Landing Marina
c/o Dimeling, Schreiber, Park
1629 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Steve Park
(215) 546-8585

For the proposed development of a 520-slip marina to be located along the northern edge of Liberty State Park in the Morris Canal Tidewater Basin, PHE Principals have been responsible for state and federal permitting, preparation of all sampling plans, and conduct of the sampling surveys.

In accordance with the NJDEP's Waterfront Development Permit and US Army Corps' Department of Army Permit, PHE developed locations and protocol for sampling water quality (at multiple depths), fisheries resources, benthic resources, and sediment.

Water quality is sampled at six stations 15 times per year, with a more comprehensive metals testing occurring quarterly. Parameters include temperature, pH, salinity, coliforms, BOD5, ammonia nitrogen, suspended sediment, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, petroleum hydrocarbons, copper, lead, zinc, and tributyl tin.

Fisheries resources are sampled by trawl at six locations. Benthos are sampled by Ponar dredge at six stations eight times per year. Sediment quality is sampled twice per year at six locations for a range of metals. All data is reported annually, including statistical comparison between basin stations and control locations.

Baseline sampling has been conducted during the summer of 1995. The full sampling program will be implemented concurrently with the Stage 1 marina construction anticipated to occur in March 1996.