Project Description


Compliance monitoring of water quality and aquatic resources

Jersey City, NJ




The Applied Companies
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David Barry
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PHE principals served as Project Manager and Principal Scientist for the provision of water quality and aquatic resource sampling for the Port Liberté project. The planned residential community development is oriented along a system of man-made canals connected to the lower Hudson River (New York Harbor) and is intended to provide water access to each dwelling unit in a highly urbanized setting.

As part of the Army Corps and NJDEP Waterfront Development Permits, extensive water quality sampling and seasonal fisheries and benthic resource surveys have been carried out on an annual basis since 1985. PHE principals developed the sampling plan, coordinated all approvals with the applicable agencies, and conducted all sampling and survey activities. Sampled water quality parameters included biochemical oxygen demand (BOD); total coliform, fecal coliform and fecal strep; and physical parameters of dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, oxidation-reduction potential, salinity, and conductivity. Water quality surveys are conducted 14 times per year, including bi-weekly during the summer.

Fisheries surveys are conducted 5 times per year using a 16-foot otter trawl and 50-foot beach seine. Benthic samples are collected with a Petite Ponar Dredge during the fall survey.

Annual reports of all compiled data are prepared and submitted to involved State and Federal agencies.