Project Description



Vineland, NJ




Hunter Research, Inc.
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Ian Burrow
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Potomac-Hudson Environmental, Inc. (PHEnv) was retained to prepare, for NJDEP and USEPA approval, a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) to provide a safe working environment for an archaeological team and other specialists undertaking Stage 1B archaeological survey operations at the Vineland Chemical Company Superfund Site in Vineland Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

The HASP was prepared pursuant to Federal OSHA requirements [29 CFR 1910.120 (b)(4)(ii)] and provided the contractor concise guidance for archaeological and geoarchaeological investigations on the northern bluffs and in the floodplain of the Blackwater Branch in Vineland, New Jersey. The Vineland Chemical Company produced organic herbicides and fungicides from 1949 to 1988, producing 1107 tons of waste by-products, which have migrated into the soils and groundwater.

The HASP (i) identified all site characteristics and documented site hazard assessment, (ii) discussed all site operations where exposure to site contaminants could likely occur, (iii) identified requisite levels of personal protection and site communications, (iv) established site controls for security and work zones, (v) set remedial action thresholds regarding respirable dust and methods for measurement, and (vi) recommended remedial and mitigative measures.

The HASP was approved by NJDEP and USEPA and acted as the investigative guidance document for all levels of the study.