Project Description



Amityville, NY




US Army Reserve
77th Installation Management
Fort Totten, NY

Ravi Ajodah
(718) 352-5155

PHEnv conducted a Natural Resource Management (NRM) Planning Level Survey (PLS) at the Amity Armed Forces Reserve Center for the purpose of identifying sensitive and significant natural resources on or adjacent to the US Army Reserve (USAR) owned property.

PHEnv conducted site reconnaissance studies to determine the presence of jurisdictional wetlands and, if present, provide deleineation in accordance with the Army Corps three-parameter methodology.

PHEnv also conducted habitat evaluation and coordinated with U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service[USFWS], US Geologic Survey (USGS), National Marine Fisheries Service,National Audubon Society, and State Natural Heritage Program, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) regarding the presence of threatened and endangered species (TES) on or adjacent to the installation.

As part of the TES study, PHEnv analyzed the potential for adverse affects on such species due to future site activities and made recommendations, as appropriate, regarding mitigation.

PHEnv also performed a survey for invasive species populations that are present within the project area and recommended maintenance and/or removal methods to prevent expansion.

PHEnv submitted maps detailing all findings of the PLS in digital format. All maps were done in ArcGIS 9.0 and all map layers had the same projection to allow for proper overlaying using present GIS software. All mapped TES locations and/or their associated habitats, invasive species and wetlands were digitized using Global Positioning System (GPS) reference points for incorporation into the current 77th Geographic Information System (GIS).